Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Water

Our house got hit by lightning quite sometime ago. Actually, a tree near our house, under which runs our mains cable got hit by lightning.

Here's the wound on the poor little thing. 

This gash continues up the whole length of the trunk. The tree next to it also has a neat lightning scar. It's amazing how much sap drips out. Despite their wounds both trees appear to be doing well.

So, due to said lighning strike our hot water system blew. We've been relying on first principle, being a slow combustion stove for hot water. Some perople are all nostalgic for the past, let me tell you, lighting a fire to have hot water in four hours is not in any way charming. It's awful dirty and hard work.

Yesterday we bought an Apricus Solar Hot Water System, and today work began. 

I may or not be terribly excited.

In other news, I get to snorgle a baby tonight. 

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