Saturday, March 10, 2012

Auction Closed- Ashes

Ashes is a 100% wool 12 ply crepe hand dyed by Emily. It is a lovely mix for light grey through to a charcoal. Great hard wearing yarn in a nice big size. I'd make myself a hot as beanie out of this  in a second. Well, a couple of hours anyway.

Bidding starts at $A5

Auction rules. Post your bid in the comments, it needs to be higher than the previous bid to count.
I need to be able to get in touch with you. Leave me an email address, or make sure your 'no reply' is turned off.
I will pay postage anywhere in the world. Once you have provided me with proof of  deposit to Matjana Pre-School I will pop your goods in the mail. Registered of course.

Bidding closes at 5pm AEST on the 18th of March 2012

Closed - Congratulations Moomare


  1. Can't resist Emm's gorgeous hand dyed! Great cause and a wonderful idea ...

    $15 bid from me to get this one started ...

    (Kaaktus on Rav, Emm knows where to find me!) xxx

  2. I'll enter a bid at $18.
    (moomare on rav)

  3. Great way to put on an auction! Very cool! I'd bid on this but I am assuming the auction has ended?