Sunday, April 29, 2012

First customer quilt

I'd love to be a professional quilter. I'm saving my pennies for a long arm. In the meantime I've been quilting a few quilts for friends, but.... here is the first one I'm getting paid for. It's a lovely, sunny applique number.

I quilted styalised vines in the squares panel and did a simple filigree in the background of the appliqued panels. 

I've been densely quilting the pinwheels on the side. 

Until - see that horrid crease running from the top left corner to the bottom right. 

That bastard turned in to a pleat, so I have been unpicking a bazillion stitches.
I'm not far off finishing, a bit more quilting, then burying the threads. One step closer to realising the dream.


  1. Oh that is beautiful quilting! My current quilt is rather envious as all it's getting is some boring straight line quilting!