Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun with Courtney

Had my beautiful friend Courntey come and visit last weekend. Because I have the biggest house amongst my local knit girls I get super lucky and get the guests. I forgot to take photos until the very last day.

Here's some crappy bunting we got giggling about. It's not actually bunting, but it could be if you're having a pissweak party.

We sewed like demons to get a large portion of the piecing done on a quilt Courtney is making. Lots of giggles.

Played with the layout of uber quilt of love and joy.
Here's a crappy pic of it all put together, this thing is a monster and is going to make a wonderful tent when it's all quilted. We're planning on living in it on a tropic isle.

I miss my Courtney and wish we all lived on a commune so we could could giggle and sew everyday.

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  1. Hehe your comments made me laugh! A bunting for a pissweak party - too funny!

    Loving the monster size scrap quilt - so bright and cheerful. Who gets the honour of working out how to quilt that one?