Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Works in progress

Upon reading a friends blog about her WIP's I have decided to have a stocktake of my own.

1. Grey crochet throw - Only two balls to go. I'll probably gift this to my Aunt.

2. First socks - One sock finished, secon 1/4 done. Mine, all mine

3. Green Scarf of many mistakes - Still got a long way to go withthis one and I am terrible at knitting lace. I love the green though.

4. Mohair G-string - Only about 2 feet of i-cord to go. Definitely going to my friend because she's kinky and will like it.

5. Granny bag - Once more square to make ends to weave in and lining to sew. Not sure what to do about a handle though. Gifting this one too.

6. Hexagon scarf - Boring me to death, I haven't touched this in over a year. My eldest likes it so I'll probably give it to her.

7. Blue socks - Almost done. Making these two at a time which I have decided is my style. Only a couple more rows and I can bind off.

8. Dragonfly shawl - On the edging, that said each row gets bigger than the last. This was supposed to be for my mother's wedding last May but meh! I'm lazy what can I say and I lost it for ages then I lost the pattern.

9. Pirate tri-corn - I love mindless crochet, I hopw it all turns out in the felt. Going to my brother. I'm sure he'll appreciate a hat as thick as a bear in the tropics.

I'm endeavouring to keep my WIP's under five from now on and will not cast on anything else until I finish an object. I have a terrible knack of starting a million things and finishing nothing. I'd like to churn out some objects instead of driving my family nuts with so many bags of yarn lying about the place.

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