Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Current WIP, rainbow zig zag.

Starting with 6.5 inch squares, because that's how wide my ruler is. I've got three prints in each colour of the rainbow except indigo because it's a scam.

I had a very bright orange, I had to get rid of it, orange makes me feel ill. I went out yesterday and bought some softer oranges, almost apricot.
 I'm liking how this is turning out. I will need to get some more white, but not today.

This is another HST quilt I made a few weeks ago in predominantly soft blues and cream. I don't know why this stupid PC turned it upside down. Our house got hit by lightning a week ago and all my appliances have been sick, I'm using the children's laptop which is sub-par.

This is my Moleskine I use to keep quilt ideas and figuring in. I pimped it with a few scraps and some decorative stitching.

Have a fun week.

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  1. So beautiful, as always! I have eggs for you too.