Sunday, May 22, 2011

The one that started it all

 This is the quilt that started it all.

 I bought a heap of fabric from the Blush line at my LQS. 
I cut it into squares and rectangles all based on my ruler.
 I didn't bother cutting off selvedges, I quite like them. 
I sewed them together, adding more when it was too short and cutting off when it was too large.

I was intimidated by machine quilting so I started to hand quilt, this was taking forever so I got over myself and just tried my machine. I didn't have the correct feet, I used my zipper foot to stipple, it worked okay.
We had fun deciding what we were going to quilt on each block .

 My big girl loved it, so it has been hers ever since.
I just bunged the back together as best I could, It's one of my favourite backings I've done.
It gets used every night.
 Big blue, as this has been dubbed, is sucking my life essence away, I will never attempt to quilt a monster quilt on my little machine. It is gorgeous though.

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  1. All your quilts are gorgeous! You could always use "Big Blue" as the perfect excuse to splurge...