Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainbow Connection II

 Finished one rainbow zig-zag, I do love half-square triangles. It looks horribly wrinkly here. Sigh, must take better photos.
Anyway, it' for a friend who signed up for a craft swap on Facebook. You know who you are, tell me if you like it or, like your sister you'd prefer something else.

I pieced the back continuing with the rainbow theme, I think it looks fan-freaking-tastic. I like the way the zig-zag quilting echos the colours on the front, but it looks sweet on the back too.

 Here's a close up of the blue and green I've been working on, coming together slowly. My kids just got back from an overseas jaunt so I can't see it getting any quicker now. I'd like to have it all finished up for a trip to the Kimberly in early June. Fingers crossed.

A day-time shot of the dog quilt after washing, the little bits of fabric frayed beautifully.

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