Sunday, May 8, 2011

Special Dogs

Some dogs are special. We have one such dog.
Her name is Lily.

She has epilepsy and a heart murmur and all kinds of crap sticks to her fur.
My eldest daughter decided she needed a quilt, because all 'special' dogs need their own quilt so they can make it smell their own 'special' scent.
I immediately thought of Stitched in Color's bottled rainbows
C picked all the colours and glued them in place with her glue stick. She then sewed around some of them and I sewed around others.
Sorry about the crappy night time pic.

I free-motion quilted the trunk to have a little hole for a parrot or sugar-glider. We also included a freshly dropped apple.
I'm so proud of my big girl, maybe she'll catch a quilting bug just like me.

Since then I've been playing in a sea of blues and greens. 


  1. Gorgeous dog, gorgeous quilt, talented family!