Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP round up.

My LQS hosted a mystery quiltalong on Saturday. I showed up with my precut strips and sewed and sewed and sewed. Despite my gargantuan effort I still didn't get the top completed. I still have more sewing to do. 

I've also been working on a Willy Wonka costume for Big C's school play. I have 8 Oompa-Loompas to do yet.

A fabulous dress I wore on Melbourne cup day. Yes, that lining is Beverly Hills 90210 vintage sheet. Thank you Jess for your awesome score.

A quilt that is a Christmas surprise so no further details on it at this stage. Still got to finish quilting and binding.

Quilt for MIL for Christmas. She doesn't read my blog so I'm safe here. Rooftop Garden by Moda. I really like this range. I found them on a trip to Tamworth where I also got to try out the Handy Quilter Sweet Sixteen. ZOMG I am in love. I need to sell my soul, but I will own this machine one day.

A quilt that was made from bee blocks from my favourite group of women. I'm thinking about giving this one to my Dad for Christmas. He can always use the little bit of love that a quilt brings. he's just gotten a new house and a manly blanket would be most welcome I'm sure.

My Echino quilt. Emma got me a fq pack for my birthday and I love it. It reminds me of India. I'd love to hand quilt this with bright pinks. Not sure if I'm up to it yet because it's going to be HUGE. No pics sorry

Bee blocks - annamal quilts. I got purple and green. I had to add a little from my stash as i didn't make the best use of fabric. I really hope she likes them. We're in two bees together this year. New Bee on the Block and Quilting Under the rainbow.

Wow, I have lots of WIPs. Can't talk, sewing.

 another foal. We call him Banny because of the bandaid shaped mark on his forehead.


  1. Amazing work! That dress is to die for. (especially with that sheet/lining) Did you make the pattern?

  2. So much great stuff! I still don't have all the blocks back from that swap. One of these days I will get that one done which will be exciting :)