Saturday, November 12, 2011

Super Secret Christmas Present

Here is my latest finished object. 

An I spy quilt for a dear friend. I modified Once Upon a Time to work with 5 inch charm squares. I quilted it in a grid about 3/4 of an inch apart avoiding the I spy squares.

I really like the concept of following the yellow brick road and making up a story as you go along.

It's for a dear friend's children for Christmas. I was going to keep it as a surprise, but she went out like a demon possessed started a quilt for each of her kids. Rather than have her drowning in quilts I thought it best that I speak up. 

Another friend gave me some binding made of different lengths of homespun. The myriad of colours really makes this quilt pop.

For the backing I used some Ikea fabric and some Sherbet pips to fill in the gaps. I made a line of I spy squares that goes from one side to the other. 


 I hope it brings many hours of entertainment and warmth.

 Thomas "helping" me baste. He's not very helpful.

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  1. Om my god - so BEAUTIFUL! (Also Thomas is gorgeous!)