Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Matjana Preschool

You know those friends of yours that you wish you were more like. My best friend is my hero, I wish I was more like her. She ran away from home at 14 and we didn't see her for years, then she came back into my life and we went on stupid road trips together then she studied and eventually ended up in Swaziland. She's currently undertaking a PhD, with DIAL UP!! I know right. She comes back from time to time and entertains me with stories of her life, some hilarious, some tragic. All in all the girl is an inspiration.

Well, she is one of the founders of Matjana Preschool. That's her in the photo. So as not to be so boring and white bread middle of the road I've become the Vice President of the commitee of Matjana.

The main thing I need to do is to fundraise. I'm going to auction one of my quilts. I just need to finish it first. So keep checking in here, once it starts I need you to pimp this auction too. You may just get a fantastic bargain.

In the mean time, if you're looking for somewhere new to donate to this Christmas why not think of the Swazi preschoolers, or why not Zoidberg. lol.

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  1. I am a sucker for a great cause, can I help in any way?