Thursday, December 29, 2011

HST madness

My girlfriends and I started a quilting bee last year. I finished my quilt yesterday.
Here's mine in all its eye blinding glory.  It was supposed to have a licorice all sort theme, but that didn't really work. I think it turned out neat anyway.
I used a sarong my daughters got for me from Bali as the backing. It wasn't quite big enough
 so I added a strip of the feature fabric around the edges.
Bound with an orange dot, if you know me you'll know this is far out of my comfort zone.

I quilted it with a swirly motif running across the width of the quilt.

This cute little house print is my favourite.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, especially the motif you used!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Would LOVE a coffee if you have the time and energy, could also be very easily persuaded on an op-shop play date too. ;-) I am available ALL THE TIME (obviously) and can be found at 0438 047/068 or sally @! Hooray!


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