Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures in Gammil land

So, I got a second hand Gammil a few weeks ago. I love this machine, love. I have had a few practise runs and quilted a few quilts on it. I love the hum it gets when it really starts purring. I love the speed. I love that I'm getting better at moving the machine around. I still suck the big one when it comes to pantographs, but they don't really interest me anyway.

I'm getting better at loading the quilt on, the first couple ended in much laughing and lots of shit touch.

The pins used to hold the quilt onto the rollers are evil. They are the hurtiest pins I've ever had the misfortune to stab myself with, they all sit in their container with their sharp points facing up, just waiting to shank me.

My "studio" (yes, I'm that fancy I call my quilt room a studio) is a giant pile of junk, there's a pool table that needs a home. Do you want to buy a pool table? All the spare mattresses and a heap of crap. I really need to get in there and sort it out so I'm not wriggling around crap every step. I have also spoken to Mr Handsome about installing me some lights. I can't see this happening in a hurry, one can dream.

Helpers helping with some horrid polyester batting. Notice all the junk in the background.

Here's a quilt I quilted for Aussie Hero Quilts. I just need to bury the ends and post it back for binding.

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  1. Your posts make me laugh! Love your writing style :)

    I loved the quilting you did on your colour wheel - so amazing! Looks like this quilting stuff is a real learning curve, but you're doing a great job already!