Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stacked coins

It's was beautiful friend's birthday yesterday. A week ago I panicked and flailed around wondering what to get/make her. Now, I've made most of my knit girls a quilt, except for Ms A. Ms A is amazing, she cooks the most delicious everything, seriously I've never had a bad thing she's made, she can make salad fun, and her cheeecake, amazeballs. She knits like a demon, she knit both my girls jumpers out of five ply. FIVE PLY??? I know. I have heaps of pairs of gorgeous socks from her, she dyes the yarn as well. There is nothing, nothing this girl can not do and do well. So if anyone is deserving of a quilt it's her. As time was not on my side I decided a stacked coin quilt would be the way to go, quick, yet effective. So here's how it went...

Tuesday lunchtime: Run to every fabric store in town, buy a selection of purples and a few aquas for good measure. Realise there's SFA real purple in this town.  What are we going to sash it with? Ivory Bella Solids. Buy 3m of that.

Tuesday night: Cut strips of purple varying from 3.5 inches to 2 inches, start sewing these together.

Wednesday night: get the strips cross cut and then sewn into long stacks of coins, trim and border in the ivory. Admire how you're doing.

Thursday: Go sewing at Sally's. Put the top and bottom bits on and cut down one stack for the back. 

Friday: Buy another 3m of Ivory and piece the back. 

Saturday: Load quilt onto Gammill and quilt, thank flying spaghetti monster that you own a Gammil or you'd never get this done. Four hours later pull that bitch off the machine. 

Sunday: make binding and finish binding. Pour yourself a drink because you're a fkn genius and you can make a whole quilt in five days with a bit of help from your mother. 

The back and the binding, highlighting my shit hot nametage. Thank you mommie made it.

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  1. It's gorgeous, Ellie! Love the colours and the awesome quilting.

  2. so beautiful ellie! Miss A will love it xoxoxo

  3. Ellie-Mae, you rock! Love this post and how your quilt came to be. So glad you linked up to TGIFF! :)

  4. This is a beautiful quilt! And it's amazing that you punched it out in five days! It's always amazing to me what can be done when someone puts their mind to it! Thanks for linking up to my blog this past week. :)

  5. I think the pictures of this quilt look great but really they do not show just how Awesome this looked in the fabric! Love it. Love your work.

  6. Oh MAN!!!! Did I say talented?! I meant genius. Hurry up and quit that day job. Meanwhile, can I move up there with you lot...