Saturday, January 12, 2013


I love them.

 They're classically beautiful and although not typically modern I use them lots and lots. 

My prefererred method in the bump bump, I think this makes a nice looking feather without the fabric distortion issues and it's more economical on thread. 

What's not to love?


  1. I read your blog and love it so I nominated you for a Leibster award.

  2. Ellie Mae - You are loaded in for the party! I will look forward to your special post for the event -- I hope you make lots of new friends!

  3. OK, feathers have always been my nemesis - I am loving this bump bump method, and just sat here, retracing with my finger on my computer screen - THANKS FOR SPARKING A NEW INTEREST IN GIVING IT A GO, AGAIN! What's not to love?!!!!

  4. Like that creative modern feather with all the different fronds - great fun!

  5. Can I just say I love these feathers too... Hint, Hint. And the pea pod looking thingies too... Gorgeously talented girl!!