Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sweet bongo of the congo

I have some WIPS, so I'm joining a finish-A-Long. I need to photograph a few of these WIPS, but I'll get to it asap

she can quilt

1.Rainbow stripes for Anna - this is a quilt I finished but am jazzing up the quilting because I'm a rocking friend.

2.Secret Santa California Quilt - This just needs binding, seeing as christmas has come and go there's no real rush. Story of my life.

3.Yellow & Grey stars - just a top

4.Massive birthday Bertha - Top of epic proportions, my darling knit girls made this for me for my birthday.

5.Stacked coins - I absolutely love this quilt, I want to quilt it so beautifully it makes my heart ache.

6.Irish Chain - I started quilting this on my domestic machine, now I have the long arm I'm reluctant to go back to domestic, Need to give some thought on haw to load it on the long arm.

7.Rainbow - My dear friend Sally gave me this top to practise on.

8. Autumn - This quilt has sweet leaves as the pieced locks. I'm looking forward to making these leaves as realistic as possible with some quilting.

9.Martinique for my Grandmother - this was a mystery quilt at my LQS. I love love love Three Sisters and their muted palette  I decided to give this to my grandma. All the blocks need sashing and putting together. 

10.Rainbow Star-flowers - I think I'll make this a raffle for Matjana Pre-School, it's currently just blocks. I have to lay them out and see how many I have and how many more I need to make.

11.Scrappy trip along - This was an instagram sewalong. I made it for my eldest daughter, she chose the fabric. I think she could have been more exciting in her fabric choices. Just a top at this stage.

12.Swoon for Mama - The design brief was 'Faded French Grandmother' In comes three sisters again. I'm going slow on this one because I want my Mum to come and help me do it.

13.Floral Stained for me - barely started this one, haven't even completed one block yet. it can wait until I've completed a few of the monsters above.

14. Rainbow monster - just needs binding now. Woot woot

14. Take more photos. My internet has died. I have absolutely none when I'm at home,therefore I have to come into town and upload photos at a friends house. I aim to be good at that this year.

I think I need to quit my real job.


  1. Yes, quit your day job and take up quilting full time - you have a real talent that most of us stand in awe of!