Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stars in my eyes

she can quilt
Two down, 12 to go.

This is quite a picture heavy post, but I'm pretty bloody proud of this little quilt so suck it up.
Ages and ages ago I joined a Flickr bee called New Bee On The Block. It was heaps of fun and I chose wonky stars in yellow and grey.

I was totally easygoing on the size of the blocks I wanted back, cause I'm so nice and all.

Thus I had to do a bit of extra sewing to join them together, I used two greys, Kona ash and random grey from Spotlight. I really like the effect.

I quilted it on my long arm using Angela Walters as inspiration. One of the stars is shooting star. Extra points for spotting it.

Some of my winner bee mates used their own fabric like this adorable little dog. 

I bound it in a yellow because, seriously, what else was I going to do,

Now sit back and enjoy the pictures.

Oh, I'm giving this away tomorrow. Better comment here.

Let me know if you spot your block.


  1. Ohhhh CRAP - this ROCKS, SOOOOOOOOO hard! Absolutely STUNNING! Now that I'm feeling rather inept, I think a shot of Crown might be in order. Really, it's gorgeous...yes, you ROCK! Happy Thursday, Ellie-Mae - Tanya

  2. I already, it's GORGEOUS!