Monday, July 18, 2011

Quilting bee blocks

I've signed up for a few quilting bees lately. I've decided to do practice blocks with Denyse Schmidt's Picnics & Fairgrounds. Some of these blocks are killers so trying it out with my fabric first is a wise idea.
This one is for Quilting climber

It's beautiful block, but it kicked my ass so many times. I became well acquainted with my unpicker.  The problem with mistakes in bee blocks is you only have a limited amount of fabric to work with, and once it's too small there's nothing you can do. I got there in the end and I'm very pleased with it.

 Here's a practice block for the New Bee on the Block. Here's the link for this block, it was lots of fun and turned out very sweet indeed.

And last but not least, a nice simple block. It specifies charm squares, but I just cut what I needed from yardage. 
I think my quilt made from all my practice blocks is going to be a cracker.

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  1. I think your practice quilt will be GORGEOUS! So in envy of your talent and skills.